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Adult Classes


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What is Your Level?

When you visit the The English Studio the first time, we'll check your
level and recommend classes for you. We have 6 levels of study:

Freshman (low beginner)
Sophomore (high beginner)
Junior (low intermediate)
Senior (high intermediate)
Masters (low advanced)
PhD (high advanced)

What Kind of Class do You Want?

We offer four kinds of classes for adults:

Core Classes (90 minutes)
Special Classes (90 minutes)
Drama English Classes (90 minutes)
Private/Semi-Private Lessons (60 or 90 minutes)
Company Classes (60 minutes)

CONVERSATION CLASSES are the most popular classes offered at TES. They are small group classes which usually have 2-4 students.Most classes emphasize speaking and listening. In some classes, you can learn special subjects like Current Events, Idioms, or TOEIC Preparation. In most of these classes we use interesting and colorful textbooks to practice speaking and listening.

DRAMA ENGLISH CLASSES are an exciting new way to learn English. In these fun classes, students use drama games and acting techniques to learn a very natural style of speaking English. Students participate in a performance at the end of the course. Drama English courses start in September, January and May.

PRIVATE or SEMI-PRIVATE LESSONS are great if you want
to study alone or with a partner. You can choose
what kind of lesson you want to have
and you can choose a schedule convenient for you.

COMPANY LESSONS are very convenient if you are part of a group
at your company that wants to study English together.
You can meet at The English Studio or we can send
a teacher to your company.

How do You Want to Pay for Your Lessons?

Student fees at The English Studio are lower than at most other schools,
and you won't have to sign a long-term contract or pay far in advance.
You can pay at the beginning of each month, or you can pay for 4 months
and get a 5% discount. You can pay with cash or use the convenient bank
system which will automatically deduct your fees. You can stop your lessons
at the end of any month.

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