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Haruka's Trip to Europe!

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Hi! I'm Haruka Muragishi. I'm a student at The English Studio.

Last Christmastime, I went to Europe for 2 weeks! The trip was planned by a university professor in Kyoto. So most of the people on the trip were university students. I travelled with my sister and my friends.

We left Kansai International Airport on December 15th. We went to Venice first. Venice is the city of canals. So I could see beautiful sights I had never seen. Very narrow streets with no cars, pretty gondolas, and so on. I thought it was like an amusement park! And we ate delicious seafood.

Next, we went to Milan. There we ate delicious Italian food again! We saw Duomo (the big old church) that was the biggest one in Italy.

And then we went to Paris. It was Christmastime so we could see beautiful lights in the streets. And we went to see the old castles. We went to the museums, too.

The last city we visited was London. I was looking forward to going to London the most, because I'm studying English Law at Okayama University. And my teacher of English law, who is an English solicitor, gave us a chance to visit his mother's house. It was about one and a half hours from Victoria station. His mother welcomed us, and we had a very good time.

I came back to Osaka on December 30th. I experienced too much to say here. I studied some cultural differences, I saw very good scenery, and I made friends with good people. I really want to say thank you to the people who gave me a chance to go on this trip, and to the people who I met during this trip.

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Saint Marco Church Canal Duomo Alps
1) This is Saint Marco Church, the symbol of Venice.

2) The canal and beautiful buildings behind me!
I am on the bridge.

3) This is Duomo. The biggest one in Italy.
There were many poles and they looks like a forest.

4) We could see the Alps from the airplane going
to Frankfurt from Milan. (We went to Paris via Frankfurt.)

Arch of Triumph Ruble Museum Shalltol Stained Glass
1) This is the Arch of Triumph in Paris.
I went at Christmas time, so it was lit up.

2) I went to Ruble Museum.
And this is a famous sculpture by Samoto Lake.

3) We went to see the big church in Shalltol.
It is famous for its beautiful stained glass.

4) This is the inside of the church. What beautiful stained glass!
I went at Christmastime, so it was lit up.

Rowal Eiffel Tower Sussex St.Paul's
1) This is the view from the big castle in Rowal.

2) This is the Eiffel Tower from the bottom.

3) We went to my teacher's mother's house in Sussex.
It was in the beautiful countryside. It was snowing.

4) This is St.Paul's, where the wedding of Princess Diana was held.

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